Illarion Kovalchuk

location: remote, via internet

java linux aws python hadoop cassandra sql no-sql


I am a software developer looking towards interesting projects, generally in area of algorithms, big data processing, back-end api projects, image processing and opensource.

Over last years, I was working with medical hardware-software for iris/ ocular recognition and it's results processing, massive storage services (online backup+storage) and massive data analysis, using sql and no-sql databases.

I always use and improve my admin skills, setting up applications using amazon web services stack, background processes, proxies and other unix server side software.


  • Linux/Unix
  • Opensource
  • Back-end api projects
  • Big data processing
  • Non-trivial projects
  • Fireshow
  • Skiing
  • Cycling
  • Windsurfing
  • Photography
  • Atmospheric drum'n'base
  • Jazz
  • Psychodelic trance
  • New Age



Stable source client for icecast

Amber art-fire group site

Website, developed from backend to frontend, using python + tornadoweb, jquery

Atmospheric dnb radio

My online radio, developed on top of radiosource.


Provides better integration of Hadoop with Cassandra


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